Thursday, July 21, 2011

Menu Planning with the MARTIN’S Ad

Menu planning and saving money really can go hand-in-hand. It is important to realize that you can still enjoy some of your family’s favorite meals by menu planning with a sales flyer, you just need to be flexible.

I am including ideas and recipes for four meals. I have found that I really only cook on average four meals a week and that we end up having at least one left-over night, one meal out, and something easy like homemade pizza or breakfast for dinner.

Coupons mentioned in this post that do not state where you can find them are listed in my weekly top deals post. Feel free to check it out for deals on other items that you can pick-up to fill your refrigerator or pantry for less.

Spaghetti & Meatballs:

I know it has been close to 100 degrees outside this week, and next week doesn’t look any better, but spaghetti and meatballs is a year round meal.  (No pun intended)  The Cooked Perfect Meatballs are on sale, and so is the Ragu spaghetti sauce, and GIANT brand pasta.  We like to add a little shredded cheese to the top of our plates, if you like that as well the Sargento shredded cheese is also on sale.  Don’t forget to check out the produce section to grab a bag of Dole salad that is on sale this week and hit the bakery for a fresh loaf of bread.  It is a quick and easy meal to pull together and hopefully won’t heat up your kitchen too much.

Meatball Subs:

This is what Sandra Lee would call a “Round 2 Recipe”.  I always seem to end up with leftover sauce and meatballs when I make spaghetti and meatballs for us. If you grab an extra loaf of baguette and some provolone cheese while you are in the store you can have a leftover night that seems like a new meal.  We like to have chips with sandwiches, but you could grab a bag of the GIANT brand frozen fries that are $3 this week.

Sirloin Steak with Garlic Butter:

If you decided to take advantage of the sirloin steak that is on sale this week and want to try something different check out this recipe .  My mouth was watering when I read it.   It would be great served with a baked potato (the 5lb bag of russet potatoes are on sale for $3.49) and a bag of Dole salad that is also on sale this week.  If you want some different bread try out the Ecce Panis Neo Tuscan Boule.  It is my favorite bread!

BLT Sandwiches:

I feel like a BLT sandwich is synonymous with summer.  How can you go wrong with fresh bread and crisp bacon and lettuce.  (I don’t like tomatoes so I can’t elaborate on them.)  Kunzler Bacon is on sale this week as are the on the vine tomatoes.  I have recently started cooking bacon on my George Foreman Grill to keep the bacon from sitting in the grease.  I still drain them on a paper towel, but it isn’t nearly as greasy as when I cook it in the microwave, on the stove, or in oven.  If you want chips with your sandwich Utz chips are sale this week for $2.50.

Have you tried out any of the recipes I have shared?  What did you think?  What types of meals do you prepare for your family when it is hot outside?  Feel free to share.

Happy Menu Planning!


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