Friday, April 30, 2010

A little of this & that…

I have had a crazy last two weeks.  We had one impromptu and one scheduled meeting that went late (like after 10PM) last week and my 15 hour shift on Saturday put me in a downward tailspin.  The extra 13 hours (over two days) I had to put in this week to learn a new pharmacy computer system for MARTIN’S this week didn’t help.  So, enough of my whining.  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday that allowed me to have a babysitter watch the girls and give me some “me time” (in addition to seeing some more pictures of the little guy who looks healthy and is growing like crazy.)  I was able to relax a little after the appointment with a manicure and pedicure, hit CVS & Walgreens, met Steve for dinner, and then we headed to a baby class.  It was nice to be out of the house without going to work and without kids and to have a quick meal with Steve to talk and catch-up without little interruptions.

Our neighborhood is having a community yard sale this weekend and I am debating about participating.  Because of our busy schedules the last 2 weeks I haven’t really pulled much out, but I do have some things that I have pulled out in the past that I would like to unload.  I am also considering selling some of my unopened stockpiled toiletry items.  I realized I have TONS of body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and razors.  My rule of thumb is that I don’t spend more than $1 after sales and coupons on these items.  I was thinking about marking them $2 and then figuring out what I want to do with the money.  I found out that one of my neighbors’ husband and daughter are going on a missions trip this summer and she is using her yard sale to help fund their trip.  (She called me and told me she has lots of little boys clothes if I wanted to come check them out.)  I may look at doing something like that with our profits.

I have had a chance in the last few weeks to find some little boy clothes on sale at different children’s clothing stores.  I have an Old Navy credit card and last week was part of the “stuff the bag” promo they have about twice a year.  This promotion gives you an additional 20% off your entire purchase including sale and clearance merchandise.  I found lots of little boy clothes in an assortment of sizes.  (Our girls were larger babies and this little guy is already measuring by ultrasound a week larger than he should be so we won’t need many little clothes.)  Some of the things were so cute I couldn’t pass them up – like the oxford shirt and sweater vest.  I also found a few things at The Children’s Place for the little guy.  Natalie actually helped me pick out a few things.  She is getting excited about having a baby brother and she picked some clothes and said “Ohhh, won’t he look so cute in this.” 

Here are pictures of the baby clothes I got at both stores last week (I couldn’t squeeze it all into one picture):



I got an assortment of pants, tops, and some pajamas at Old Navy that were originally $283.50 marked down to $137.69 and an additional 20% off for a grand total of $110.17 (before tax).  That gives me a savings of $173.33 or 61%!

I got a pair of overalls, a few shirts, a sleeper,and some socks at The Children’s Place that were originally $45.50 marked down to $19.96.  That gave me a savings of $25.54 or 56%! 

I now have a few baby boy clothes.  I have several friends who have offered up some clothes to us and I will probably check out my neighbor’s yard sale tomorrow.  I am sure he will end up with more than enough clothes!

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