Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ukrop’s to MARTIN’S transition begins…..

I have to admit that although I didn’t grow up in Richmond, I fell in love with Ukrop’s about 14 years ago when I came to Richmond for pharmacy school.  My love for Ukrop’s took on a new level 5 years ago when I became a Ukrop’s associate.  They were such a good company to work for.  They may not have had the best pay all of the time but the little extras they provided their employees like a paid day off and a card mailed to your home with a $50 check on your birthday for full-time employees, the annual picnic at the family farm, knowing that I would always have off on holidays and Sundays – they were great. 

But, those days sadly ended early February when the company was sold to Giant Carlisle and it was announced that the stores would be remodeled this Spring and then reopened under the name of MARTIN’S.  Yesterday, I have to admit that I was sad to see the first ever MARTIN’S ad in the Sunday paper.  I looked at the ad and there are some positives – they are going to double coupons everyday, but only up to $0.50 – just like Kroger.  (There go all of the great deals I got with my $0.75 coupons.)  I plan to go to one of the new stores this week to check out some things and find out if with a buy one get one free if you really do have to buy 2 or can you get the one for half-price.

I did notice that MARTIN’s is not continuing the once daily deals that Ukrop’s started about a year ago.  I plan to hit Ukrop’s today (Monday) to get some of the 85% ground beef for $1.99 a pound.  I am going to buy extra to put in the freezer because that is a really good price. 

I am working on the match-ups for this week’s Ukrop’s ad, I may try my hand at some of the MARTIN’S match-ups.  I am still debating about whether or not I want to continue match-ups after the transition.  MARTIN’S has a much larger ad and I am not sure with baby #3 arriving in August if I want to take that much time away from my family and other necessary duties.  I will still be around, but maybe not my famous spreadsheets.  :)


Ava Loy said...

With a long face, I took advantage of some of the incredible deals at our Ukrops as it prepares to close for its transition to Martins. Many items were $1, including fair trade coffee and spices. Finding a deal is great, but not at the loss of our beloved local food chain.

Ann said...

I totally agree with you - finding a deal is great, but it really makes me sad to lose Ukrop's.