Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Crazy Week – Part II (The Circus)

We got home from DC Wednesday afternoon, took afternoon naps, then headed over to church Wednesday night.  Steve went back to work on Thursday and I had an appointment that morning and a friend let me drop of my girls to play with her 3 kids for a few hours.  I spent the afternoon trying to find our house underneath all of the stuff that had accumulated in the last 2 weeks while I was suffering from allergies and had to work. 

Friday morning I had my women’s Bible Study and then I took the girls to get haircuts.  We ended up getting lunch while we were out and running a few other errands.  We got home in time for naps because we had a big night ahead of us – we had tickets to go to the circus!  My parents came up to Richmond to go with us and my brother and his fiance’, who are students at Liberty University, were on their way home to Gloucester for the weekend and stopped in Richmond to go to the circus with us.

  • On a side note – I stick with my motto to always shop around for things.  We found a discount code on-line (“mom”) that allowed us to get $24 seats for $11 (We did have to end up paying ticketmaster fees that made the final cost ~$16 each).  We ended up with lower level seats and we saved a total of ~$8 on each of them. 

They allow you to arrive an hour before the circus actually starts and go down to the floor and interact with the circus performers.  The girls loved watching the acrobats and the clowns up close.

DSC_3006DSC_3008 Natalie got to help pull the rope against one of the strong men.


This is really how close we were during the preshow.


I was showing Natalie that the elephant would come out during the circus and put his foot up on the platform.  (I didn’t realize how much I resembled the elephant.  :))



Steve got a shot of the first part of our row – Megan is sitting on my lap and Natalie is sitting on Geoffrey’s lap.  I love the expression on Megan’s face.

DSC_3036Geoffrey and Audri – during the intermission


We were waiting for Geoffrey and Audri to get to where we were parked so that we could all grab a snack afterwards.  Natalie was on the look-out for them by standing up through the sunroof.

We had a great time and I really think the rest of our family had a good time.  The girls also enjoyed hanging out and getting spoiled by family at the restaurant afterwards.  It was a late night for all of us, but a memorable one.

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