Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two newspapers for $0.20

I wanted to share a way that I use some of the extra care bucks (ECBs)  and register rewards (RR) that I earn at CVS or at Walgreens.  I use them to buy my extra Sunday papers.  I know some people will say that there are better ways to use my ECBs or RR.  I am sure that there can be, but this is how I see the positive and negative side of the issue. 

Positive –

  • I am going to buy extra newspapers already and this limits the necessary amount I have to pay out of pocket in order to purchase the newspapers. 
  • I don’t get stuck with a high dollar amount of RR that I need to spend.  Sometimes when that happens I end up buying things that I really didn’t want or need (like candy).  At least this way I am buying something that I was going to buy regardless. 
  • If I use my ECBs at CVS the amount I spend accumulates every quarter into additional ECBs.  This amount is a percentage based on your total spending for that quarter.  The $4 or $6 I spend (if I don’t have ECBs) every week adds up and at least I earn something.  I earn more than just using my debit card or cash at the gas station up the street that won’t accept my American Express.

Negative –

  • I could save the $4RR and instead “roll” it into another deal and generate additional RR.  Although this is a great way to keep “growing” my money, the sales don’t always pop up one after another and allow me to find deals back to back. 
  • The RR program has some restrictions.  One if that you won’t generate additional RR if you buy a product from the same manufacturer with a RR from that manufacturer.  (ex. I usually won’t get the RR for Dove Conditioner if I use the RR I earned from buying Dove Shampoo.)  The RR are usually only good for 14 days from the day generated. ECB’s are usually good for 30 days. 

So, this is how I see it -

  1. The best way is to actually “roll” your ECBs or RR with items that you can use.
  2. If you can’t “roll” the ECBs or RR it is best to buy something that you need or were planning to buy.
  3. Nothing is worse than realizing that the great deal you got from earning ECBs or RR isn’t that great because you allowed them to expire.

How about you do you buy extra newspapers on Sundays?  Do you have unique ways that you spend your ECBs or RR?

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