Thursday, April 1, 2010

My world is going to get crazier!

Today was an exciting day for us – I had my 20 week doctor appointment and ultrasound this afternoon.  The technician asked us if we were interested in the gender before we began the ultrasound and we answered “yes”. We wanted to find out because with two girls already we really wanted to know for planning purposes.  We were shocked when saw something on an ultrasound that we have never seen before - “boy parts”!!!!!!  I really had just thought of this baby as a girl because that is what I associated with my previous pregnancies.  The thought of actually having a boy really hadn’t sunk in.  I think Steve was even in more shock than I was – he really just assumed that we were going to have a third girl.
This is going to be the start of a new adventure for us - having a son.  We will get to learn about changing boy diapers in addition to playing with trucks, and trains, and cars instead of dolls and tea sets all of the time.  I have joked that at least now I will have a child that will love me as much as the girls love their daddy.  I know that it will be different, just like each of our daughters are different.  It will be a fun and I look forward to a new phase for our family, the introduction of blue baby clothes and baby blankets into our home.


Busy and Blessed said...

Congratulations, Ann and Steve! How wonderful that you'll be having a little boy! He will have two little mommies as well! :)

Ann said...

Lissa - I did get your comment and congrats on your new baby boy coming in July. I don't know how it happened, but somehow the comment got rejected instead of published.

Elizabeth - you are right this poor little guy is going to end up with 2 extra mommies. On the ultrasound one of the images of his arms looked like he was "flexing" them. I told the girls he was already trying to show them how strong he is and to watch out. He will have to be a tough guy to defend himself against his sisters. :)