Monday, April 12, 2010

Researching MARTIN’S Coupon Policy

I want to give you a tip and share some info that I have found on-line regarding MARTIN’S coupon policies.  I have not had a chance to go to one of the newly remodeled stores that opened today, but I have heard they were crazy.  I also can imagine that one of the biggest hassles was waiting in line to get a MARTIN’S bonus card in order to receive the sale price or for any of your coupons to double. 

Here is a way to avoid standing in line to receive your card – you can do it on-line and print a temporary one until your actual card arrives in the mail.  You can go on-line to MARTIN’S website and you can register for your card on-line.  I actually registered for mine on-line a few weeks ago from the Ukrop’s website.  That link now takes you directly to MARTIN’S so I don’t know for certain if you can still enter your UVC info and link your information and fuelperks!. 

I have also spent some time looking at the MARTIN’S website and reading some on-line forums for areas that have already had MARTIN’S or GIANT stores.  I have found out a few things.

  • It appears that even though their ad says that they only double coupons up to $0.50 that if you have a coupon that has a face value of $0.51-$0.99 they give you the difference of the face value and $1.  In other words if you have a $0.75 coupon it will get “doubled” an additional $0.25.  That isn’t really doubling, but it is more.  :)  (I haven’t found this on the MARTIN’S site, but from the on-line forums.)
  • I also found out from the forums and from the MARTIN’S website that they will not double more than one like coupon per customer per day.  (That stinks!)
  • I discovered that they will accept internet printables (IPs) for a face value of up to $5. (Ukrop’s only accepted them up to $2.)
  • MARTIN’S will not accept IPs for a free item – including buy one get one free.  (Ukrop’s had this same policy.)

It looks like shopping at MARTIN’S with my coupons is going to be a trial and error adventure for me.  Did any of you venture into one of the new stores today?  What is your first impression of the new Richmond area MARTIN’S stores based on your store visit or just from looking at the ad in the Sunday paper?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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