Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Pictures

It was unusually warm on Halloween this year.  It turned out to be a really warm day - I think it was a high of 78 for the day, and really humid. That was not the best weather for the fleece costumes I bought the girls last year the week after Halloween. Being the bargain shopping mom that I am - I got the cosutmes for $5 each.  I really don't think I could have made them something for less. 

They were really excited about going out to the neighbor's houses.  We practiced a few times with ringing the doorbell and saying "trick or treat" and to say "thank you" when they got candy.  I also told Natalie she could say "Happy Halloween" when she was leaving the houses.  She was so excited that when she got to the door she said, "Happy Trick or Treating!"  Megan, really liked trick or treating.  We found out that she loves candy.  (She is my daughter.)  The neighbors thought she was so cute and little they just held out the bowl of candy and told her to take a piece.  She reached out her little hand and didn't just take one piece, she took 3 or 4 pieces - at everybody's house.  She actually came home with more candy than Natalie.

Here are some pictures of us carving our pumpkin with a Noah's Ark pattern and the girls in their costumes:

 Cleaning out the pumpkin "guts"  I was standing on a stool to make it easier to reach inside the pumpkin.

The cat & the mouse ready to hit the neighborhood.  This is the best picture I could find of our finished pumpkin.

Megan was sad that she couldn't eat her candy yet.

The mouse got into her candy - notice the chocolate around her mouth.

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