Monday, November 2, 2009

Ukrop's Match-ups for Double Coupon Wednesday 11/4/09

I am not going to be around much on Tuesday so I decided to get my match-ups done earlier in the week.  There are some really good sale items at Ukrop's this week.  Feel free to check out their sales flyer on-line - and look for the printable coupons they have on their site as well. 

Here is a list of the match-ups that I saw - feel free to share any that you find that I missed. 

**Ukrop's doubles manufacturer coupons up to 0.99 on Wednesdays only.  They will not double more than 5 like coupons per transaction.**

Here is the link for the Internet Printable for the Gold Medal Flour (you have to sign-up for with their site):

According to the coupon database on there is a coupon for the Pepperidge Farm cookies.  I couldn't find one, so it may be a regional thing that didn't make it in the Richmond Times Dispatch

Speaking of newspapers - I didn't get my paper delivered yesterday before we left for church.  I thought I would wait until we got home in case their was a problem and the delivery was just late.  When we got home that afternoon it still wasn't there.  I called to report it, but it was to late to get a delivery.  I was told my account would be credited.  I had to drive all over to try to find the newspaper.  I finally found a Washington Post that had coupons, although it didn't have all of the coupon inserts.  Long story short we found some Richmind Times Dispatch and finally came home with 4 papers.  Today I noticed while I was combining my inserts to make clipping the coupons easier the differences in the coupons from the two papers.  I was excited to find a coupon in WP for 0.55 off 1 dozen Eggland's Best versus the 0.35 off one from RTD.  That will make them 0.89 for a dozen on Wednesday!

Happy Shopping!

PS - I am planning on posting pumpkin patch pictures and Halloween pictures soon.  I just have to sort through them.  :)


Judi B said...

Thanks again for posting. Maybe I'll make it Ukrops this Wednesday. I was didn't get home last Wednesday until after 10pm, so I missed out.

Judi B said...

Here a couple of extras for the coupon match-up
Stove Top B4G1F-Tearpad at FL
Chex Cereal $1/2 IP
Caribou Coffee $2/1 IP
Yoplait Yogurt Cups .50/1 IP

Hope that helps someone else, especially if you wanted to really stock on certain items. Happy Savings!

PS--There is a IP coupon for .75/1 Del Monte Pineapple. Here's hoping Pineapples go on sale soon!

Ann said...

Thanks Judi! I did find the Yoplait printable. I also found $2/1 Caribou Coffee coupons from a previous insert. I had already clipped it so I don't know which one I got it from.