Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trying to turn lemons into lemonade -

My sister's birthday is this week and it wasn't going to work out for us to see them this weekend. She invited us to come down for the day because her kids were out of school today and they would have fun with my girls.

I stayed up last night getting things together, packing lunch & snack for the girls, gathering up things that I wanted to drop off with my family, etc. I got up this morning got dressed, got both girls dressed, gave them a to-go breakfast of cheerios in a baggie with a drink, loaded up the car, and headed out. We went to the school where I vote so I could vote, then we were ready to hit the road. It is a little over an hour to get to my family so we had talked about taking a car trip and who we were going to see. Natalie especially was excited, but Megan seemed to know what we were doing as well. I called my sister when we were leaving the polls to see if there was anything they wanted me to bring down. She answered the phone and sounded horrible. I found out that she woke up sick this morning. I found out she had sent her kids to stay with her in-laws and that she felt bad all over. I told her if that was the case I didn't want to come down and get her germs.  (There was a miscommunication she thought Mom was going to call me, Mom thought she was going to call me.)

I broke the news to Natalie & Megan. Natalie got really sad, she even had the sad poutty lip. I told her that we would still have a fun day today. We ended up going to Target and we got a snack at the cafe. They think that is the coolest place to eat for some reason. We shopped for a little bit, then we headed home.

I realized how warm it was outside and thought it would be fun to eat the lunch and snacks I packed outside and have a picnic. I checked the grass it was still rather wet from the rain the last few days, so we just used the patio set. The girls thought it was fun to eat outside. It also helped that they had some of their favorite things. Natalie looked at me while we were eating and said, "This is the best picnic ever!". We wrapped up our time outside by playing a game of tag.  (Side note: I enjoyed keeping my kitchen clean by eating outside, and the game of tag helped wear them out for an afternoon nap.  :))

Here are a few pics from our picnic:

The Picnic Spot

Natalie with her stylish shades enjoying her PB&J

Megan with her shades chilling with her Go-gurt

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