Monday, November 16, 2009

Match-ups For Ukrop's Double Coupon Wednesday 11/18/09

I was really excited about the Ukrop's ad this week.  There are some really good sales to start stocking up for Thanksgiving next week.  I also want to remind you about some of the multi-week deals that I found last week that should be available through this week. I mentioned several of them here in my last post.  I will try to be on the look-out for some more when I am shopping this week.  I am am planning on checking out the shelf price for Tabasco Sauce.  There was a 0.60/1 coupon in this past Sunday's paper that is good on any size and any flavor that could make it almost free.  I also thought I saw last week some of the Reynolds Oven bags marked down last week - with a 0.50/1 coupon that could make them rather cheap.  I don't cook with them.  I use them to wrap gift baskets or homemade goodies in.  I also want to remind you to check your spices before you head out to the store.  There are coupons for 0.50/1 Sauer's herbs, spices, dry mixes or extracts and a $1 off manufacturer coupon in the Ukrop's ad this week for Spice Hunter.  These could be some decent deals if there are unadvertised or multi-week deals when combined with a coupon.

I want to give you my disclaimers for Ukrop's coupon policy:
  • Ukrop's will only accept 5 like coupons per transaction
  • Ukrop's only doubles manufacturer coupons on Wednesdays and up to 0.99
  • Ukrop's will accept internet printable coupons up to $2 they will not accept internet printables for free items this includes buy one get one free
Here is a link to this week's ad.  I have really liked having a copy of the ad in the Sunday paper - now I can compare it with my coupons so much easier!

*There are several manufacturer coupons available this week from the SPOT coupon machine.  Because these are manufacturer coupons they can not be combined with manufacturer coupons from other sources.

I may have missed a few deals this week.  I have been sick and so I was rushing to get all of these together and posted so that my readers would have time to get your coupons together before Wednesday.  Please feel free to share any deals that you find or that I missed.

Happy Shopping!


Miriam said...

Looks like I will have to go to the "U" store for a couple things this week :) Thanks for posting this!

Judi B said...

I haven't seen the King Arthur Coupon so I'm not sure of the wording, but if it's $1 of KA Flour WYB Fleischman's yeast you should use a Fleischman's yeast coupon to go with it--I think they are .40/1 which would double.

Also I'm wondering about the Bonus Items for Fuelperks. If you buy two of the same bonus items in a single transaction or different transactions do you get .05 per item purchased or just once during that week and/or transaction for the bonus item? This could have some small bearing on maximizing your savings at some point.

Ann said...

Judi - I didn't post the 0.40 off Fleischmann's yeast coupon because I was thinking it was double dipping, but now that I think about it you are buying the yeast and you are buying the flour. The KA Flour one specifically says you must buy both items. The 0.40 off Fleischmann's yeast is also in the 11/8 SS. I will edit my spreadsheet to show the yeast coupon.

With the bonus fuelperks! you get 0.05 per gallon for each item you buy. Last week I bought 4 items (2 packs of Oreos & 2 bags of baby carrots) in the same transaction and got 0.20 added to my fuelperks! total. You can really maximize it if you hit $50 and buy several items. (Although I don't always hit $50 because of my coupons.)