Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ukrop's Shopping Trip 11/11/09 - Double Coupon Wednesday!

I went to Ukrop's today with my list and coupons in hand.  I have started to check on items that go with  higher value coupons that aren't listed in the sale flyer.  I found some good multi-week specials today.  (Multi-week specials may or may not make it into the weekly ad and are usually on sale for 3-4 weeks.)  I found Loreal Kids Ice Age shampoo on sale for $1.79 each - when I paired that with a 0.75/1 coupon I was able to get shampoo for 0.29 each.  (I think that sale is good thru 11/21.) I let Natalie have one of them, (it is missing from the picture) and hid the other 3 so that I can use them for a stocking stuffer.  The other multi-week deal I was excited about was the Mueller's spaghetti.  It is on a multi-week sale (I think thru 11/21) for $1.19 a box.  I had a 0.55/2 boxes coupon.  I ended up getting the pasta for 0.64 a box.  That will work out great with the Classico sauce I got for $1 a jar. I also found some Fleischmann's yeast 3-packet strips in the close-out basket this morning (with an expiration date of 2011).  They were marked down to $1.09 each and I had several 0.40/1 strip coupons that I was able to use and get them for 0.29 each!  It was a great find because I had just finished what I had on hand this week when I was making bread.

If you scroll all the way down on my spreadsheet you will see my totals.  I actually ended up getting everything in 3 seperate transactions.  I did the items for the Heinz promotion seperately just in case it wouldn't come off twice on the same transaction.  I also got a bag full of coupons from my MIL tonight and was excited to see a few that I had wanted more of and didn't have today while I was shopping, so I stopped by the store on my way home from church to get a few more items.

Shelf Price (Before sales, coupons, and tax):$125.71
Final Price (After sales, coupons, before tax): $48.51
Total Savings: $77.20 (61%)

I realized when I got home and looked at the receipt that I didn't get charged for one of my cans of soup.  I will just let them know when I go to work on Friday and pay for a can off the shelf.  I know that they won't know that they didn't charge me, but I know and I need to make it right.  :)

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