Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Paper Saga

I had an issue last week with finding a Sunday paper.  For whatever reason I didn't get mine delivered and when I called to report it it was to late for a delivery so my account was credited.  I ended up going out to get my newspapers when we went back to church for the evening service.  After going on a what seemed to be a wild goose chase I ended up with four papers which gave me - 3 SS inserts, 3 RP inserts, and 4 P&G inserts.  If you are doing the math, not all of the papers had all of the inserts. 

Well, recalling my issue last week, I was happy to see my paper in the driveway Sunday morning before we left for church.  I looked at the coupons in the paper and decided there were a few really good ones so I wanted to get 3 more papers.  We stopped at a different store on our way home from church and I saw a large stack of newspapers, I picked up 2 Richmond papers and a Washington Post.  I noticed last week when I got one copy of the WP that they had some different coupons and ones with different values.  I glanced through the papers and it looked like they had everything.  (I like to take ones from the bottom of the stack because they usually are untouched.)  I paid for my papers and we headed home.

I didn't touch the papers again until this morning.  I was sorting through them to pull out my coupons and found that the 2 Richmond papers that I bought didn't have the coupon inserts.  They had everything else but the coupons.  I was so upset.  I know it seems silly to get upset about my coupons not being there, but I spent $4 on the newspapers just for the coupons and now they are just filling my recycling bag.  I thought about going back to the store and getting a refund of my $4, but it isn't worth the hassle.  I will just have to take it as another life lesson.  I did end up with 2 sets of inserts and that is better than none.  :)

Thanks for letting me vent. 

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