Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ukrop's Double Coupon Wednesday Shopping Trip - 11/18/09

I realized when I got home that I forgot a few things that I had wanted to pick-up, like the Tortilla Chips on sale this week, but maybe it just wasn't meant to be because I really don't need chips.  I did check out the Tabasco sauce - it was ~1.75 for a small bottle.  That would have made it ~0.55.  I realize that it not very much, but we don't really use Tabasco sauce.  I didn't need it so I will hold on to my 0.60/1 coupon for when or if it goes on sale and maybe get it for even less.  I did find Sauer's Ground Chili powder in the small container for 1.59 - that made it 0.59 with my 0.50/1 coupon.  I just finished my last bottle of chili powder this week when I made chili so I was really excited to get two bottles for a fairly decent price.

Here is the picture from my shopping trip and the spreadsheet from my trip.  Please feel free to tell me what you think of my spreadsheets.  I am a little OCD so I log my receipts into a spreadsheet so I can follow pricing trends and see what is a good price and what is a great price.  If you think the spreadsheets are hard to read or follow let me know.  If you love them and want to know how I do them I will be happy to share that with you as well.  :)

(The girls wanted to be in the picture and they were turning the groceries into musical instruments.)

Here is the summary of my trip:
Price before sales, coupons, and tax: $130.43
Price after sales, coupons, and before tax: $60.20
Total Savings: $70.23 (54%)

Please feel free to share any deals that you found.  :)

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Miriam said...

I think the spreadsheets are a result of your OCD-ness :) It's more work than I would want to put into it, but looking over them is fine/fun. I mean, it's YOUR blog 'n' all :) You can put everything on a spreadsheet if you want to! My spreadsheet talent is reserved for our budget - on which I am currently trying to solve a $.07 mystery right now - and that's about as far as it gets. You did great on the shopping trip! I'm putting us into a spending freeze except for what we REALLY need, so I haven't been shopping yet this week.