Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We had just gotten in from a morning out and I had put down my travel coffee mug on the kitchen table. (Side note - I got free Starbucks coffee today by bringing in a specially marked empty bag of Starbucks coffee.) I ran upstairs for a few minutes while the girls were playing downstairs. When I came back downstairs the girls seemed to be playing well together. They are right now fascinated with the Christmas ornaments. We wound up a few and were listening to the music. Then I looked at Megan's shirt (a white turtleneck) it was brown all over the top. I asked Natalie what was on Megan's shirt. She looked at me and said "coffee". I then asked, "Where did she get coffee from?" "Your mug," Natalie replied nonchalantly. I then walked into the kitchen and noticed the mug sitting on its side and in a different spot. I asked Natalie how Megan reached it. She said. “I gave it to her, we both like coffee. I didn't spill any, but Megan spilled it on her shirt and on the floor." I looked on the floor and sure enough - there was a coffee spill.  Just another day in the life of a mom.  :)

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