Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free items at Ukrop's Wednesday 12/9/09 - One Day Only

I just came back from my morning trip to Ukrop's.  I was excited about the FREE Birds Eye Vegetables that I mentioned in my last post.  I also got more FREE Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste.  I found 2 more great deals - the Betty Crocker Frosting is an unadvertised special - it is 0.99 a tub.  There are coupons available at for 0.50 off one tub - that makes it free for Wednesday only!  I also noticed the Kotex pantiliners that are 50% off.   I honestly didn't know the regular price. I didn't bring my coupon to the store but I am going back to get them - the small pack of liners are marked 0.64 each (on sale) - the coupon from 11/8 Smart Source is for $1.50 off 2 packages - that is a 0.22 money maker!  I was so excited about the deals I was getting that I forgot to pick-up milk.  It will be a good buffer item for the overages - even though it is on sale this week for $1.50 a half-gallon. 

(Megan is snacking on the Cheez-its we got for 0.99 - I don't know what happened to her hair?!?!)

*The Fleischman's yeast strip was on clearance.  The price had to entered manually and does not show the original shelf price.
Shelf Price (before sales, coupons, or tax): $99.78
Final Price (after slaes, coupons, bag credits, and before tax): $25.10
Total savings: $74.68 (75%)


Michelle said...

I go to a couple of websites that show upcoming sales(ex.CVS,Walgreens). Do you know if there is a site or way to get the Ukrops ad early? What days do their sales run?

Ann said...

Michelle - Ukrop's weekly sales run Monday - Saturday (they are closed on Sunday). You can sometimes get a copy of the next week's ad by asking at the customer service desk on Saturday night. It will vary by store and who is working. The do print a copy of the ad in the Sunday issue of the Richmond Times Dispatch. I do not know of a website that post their flyers ahead of time. That is why I started posting weekly deals and match-ups to help people out who want to shop at Ukrop's and find great deals.

Miriam said...

I was just getting ready to go there... now I need to hunt down the Muir Glen tomato paste coupons!
(my verification word is "ached")