Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Return Trip to Ukrop's - for milk and other things

I ran back to Ukrop's to get the milk that I forgot on my first trip - I also remembered I wanted to pick-up eggs. I was trying to be quick because I knew I was pushing my girls.  They were ready for lunch.  I ended up with the Rolo's because Megan (who had decided to try to climb out of the shopping cart and was on the floor) likes shiny wrappers and took it apart.  I bought them.  They served as dessert today for all of us after lunch.

Here is a picture of both of my shopping assistants with our purchases:

Here is the spreadsheet:

*  The Fleischman's yeast strips are on clearance.  Because of the clearance sale they had to be manually entered in and didn't show the previous shelf price.

In case you don't feel like looking at the end of the spreadsheet:

Shelf Price (before sales, coupons, or tax): $48.57
Final Price (after sales, coupons, bag credits, and before tax): $11.63
Total Savings: $36.94 (76%)


Bethany said...

Did she climb out of the front part of the shopping cart????? little monkey!

Ann said...

I had her strapped in the seat and somehow she got herself out of the strap (that was still buckled together) and completely turned around. I just took her out because I didn't trust her in there and didn't want her to fall out. I call her my little escape artist.

Lissa said...

I am so excited to find your blog! Some girls from my church and I have been trying to do the U deals on our own (no fancy spreadsheet), and we've done OK, but your blog is going to be so helpful!! Yay!! Thank you!!!

Ann said...

Hi Lissa! I am glad you found my blog. I hope it is helpful to you & your friends. Please feel free to share any unadvertised deals that you find. What Ukrop's location do you normally shop at?

Michelle said...

How do you organize your coupons?

Ann said...

Great question Michelle. I am actually going to make a new post about it in case any one else is wondering.