Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Money-Saving Monday!

I sat down late Monday morning with my coffee and the sales flyers from the Sunday paper.  I was still trying to recover from a busy weekend and I had a little one sneezing, and coughing, with a yucky runny nose.  I was glancing through the ads quickly and realized that I saw some things that I had been hoping to find on sale to use with a coupon.  Then I realized that Monday was 11/30 - yikes! Some of my coupons were going to expire that day.  I quickly tried to get myself in gear.  So, with Steve's help we were able to run out after dinner and snag a few deals.

We first went to Staples.  I didn't take a picture our purchase - it wasn't that exciting.  I found out about a deal that Staples is running through 12/26 from Money Saving Mom.  If you buy a 20 count package of Duracell batteries (AA or AAA) for $12.99 you get a Staples reward of $12.99 back.  (Limit of 2 packages per week.)  We both signed up this weekend for a Staples Reward card.  We went to the store Monday night still not quite sure how this program worked.  We looked at the poster they had by the display advertising the deal and noticed that it said that rewards will be mailed to you home address in January.  We asked a salesperson and he told us that the Staples reward checks are good for anything in the store except gift cards, shippings, and copy services (I may have left off something).  We talked about it and decided that although $12.99 isn't the best deal for batteries we could always use the reward check on other items like printer cartridges.  We each got 2 packs of batteries.  I am sure they will be put to good use with the Wii remote and the plethora of battery eating toys we have.

We then hit Walgreens - I had coupons for the kids toothbrushes on sale that expired on the 30th.

Prices are after sales and coupons:

(2) Oral B Princess Toothpaste - 2.00 each
(2) Kid's Toothbrushes - 1.50 each
(2) Glade Candles - 0.50 each
(3) Nivea Lip Products - 0.66 each
(1) Nivea Lotion - FREE
(8) Holiday Pencils - 8/$1 (filler item)

I used $10 in RR I had earned from previous shopping trips

Total cost before sales, coupons, and tax: $38.50
Final cost after sales, coupons, redeemed RR, before tax: $0.98
Total Savings: $37.52 (97%)

**I also earned $6 in additional RR with the toothpaste & toothbrushes, and the Glade candles**

Our last stop was Kroger.  I had been on the lookout for a Dial liquid hand soap sale for several weeks and saw that it was finally on sale and that my coupons expired on the 30th.

Prices are after sales and coupons:
(4) Dial liquid hand soaps - 0.30 each
(2) Turkey Hill Iced Teas - 0.50 each
(1) Nesquick Chocolate Milk - FREE
(1) Maruchan Cheddar Cheese Noodles - FREE
(1) 9-cup Rubbermaid Container - 1.00 (I took the stickers of to wash it)
Recycable Bag Credit (-0.10)

Total cost before sales, coupons, and tax: $21.61
Final cost after sales coupons, and before tax: $3.10
Total Savings: $17.51 (84%)


Miriam said...

Ok, you totally MUST tell me, WHERE in Kroger did you find the Maruchan stuff? I have looked high and low and upside down for those things, and can not find them to save my life!

Ann said...

Miriam they are in the international food section. I have found them at Kroger & Ukrop's where they sell the ramen noodles.