Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coupon Match-ups for Ukrop's Double Coupon Wednesday, December 23rd


I apologize.  I have been crazy busy this week.  Not only is it Christmas on Friday, but Natalie's birthday is Saturday.  So, I am getting ready for Christmas on Friday and a Disney Princess birthday bash on Saturday.  She is going to be 4 and is very excited about turning 4, she thinks that makes her a big girl because she was told by her cousins that when you turn 4 you don't have to ride in a car seat, you can ride in a booster seat.  We haven't broken the news to her that she has to be 4 and weigh 40 pounds, which she doesn't.

Ok, sorry about the tangent.  Because of my limited time this week I have only listed the deals that have coupons available.  I want to encourage you to look at the ad - there are some really good deals that don't have coupons to make them really great deals.  For example - they have Dole Pineapple (20 oz) for $0.88 a can.  They also have Dixie Napkins, Bowls, or Plates (20-200 ct) for $1.88 each.

 I want to give you some guidelines for Ukrop's coupon policy:

  • Ukrop's only doubles coupons on Wednesday and up to a face value of 0.99
  • Ukrop's does not accept more than 5 like coupons per transaction.
  • Ukrop's accepts internet printable coupons up to $2. They do not accept internet printable coupons for free items. (This includes buy one get one free.)

I have the items that have coupons that will double on Wednesday in red. The other items are coupons and deals that are available all week long.



I also want to encourage you to check out the last page of the ad for the fuelperks!bonus! rewards items. They have White House Rolls (12 pk) for $2.49. One last thing - don't forget to check out Ukrop's on Saturday (the day after Christmas) they may have great thrift items.

Happy Shopping amd Merry Christmas!

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Judi B said...

Thanks Ann! Merry Christmas and tell your 4 year old I said Happy Birthday and Cheers!