Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm sorry Ukrop's, but it was a Mega Sale and I saved 94%!

Would you believe all of this for $9.02 (including tax)!!!!

I was debating about going to "the K grocery store" this week for the Mega sale.  I read on-line at Hot Coupon World about some of the deals people were getting in my area of items that weren't advertised in the weekly sales flyer.  I also saw the awesome deal my friend Miriam posted on her blog ( and realized I had to hit the sale.  It is sales like these I feel like I am hurting "the K grocery store" and actually helping Ukrop's.  I had lots of items that were "money makers" after combining sales & coupons.

Here is the breakdown of my transaction:
(4) Playtex Disposable Gloves - (-0.05) each
(2) YoPlait Go-Gurt - 0.34 each
(4) Betty Crocker Potatoes - 0.29 each
(3) Snuggle Fabric Softner -(-0.01) each
(1) Chex Mix - (-0.01)
(2) Oreida Frozen French Fries - 1.24 each
(4) Playtex Handsaver Gloves - FREE
(2) Pillsbury Simply Cookie - 0.49 each
(8) Birdseye Frozen Vegetables - 0.49 each
(5) Halls Cough Drops - (-0.20) each
(5) DelMonte Diced Tomatoes - 0.29 each
(10)Carnation Evaporated Milk - (-0.01) each

Total Before Sales, Coupons, & Tax: $117.50
Total After Sales, Coupons, & Before Tax: $7.53
Total Savings: $109.97 (94%)

A funny thing happened while I was checking out.  The cashier didn't like me handing her my coupons in sets.  I explained to her that I like to do it that way to double check myself and to make sure that they all ring up because I have so many to use.  When my final total came up to $9.02 she and the person bagging my groceries did a double take and said she got all of that for $9!  That is how you use coupons!


Saving Our Way said...

Great job!

Judi B said...

Curious, what's your method for making sure you don't miss anything?

Ann said...

Judi - I am a little OCD. I also love spreadsheets. I generally start a spreadsheet with a list of the items I read about on HCW and from other sources. I also note the source of the coupon. I make a detailed list when I am going to go to a sale like the Mega sale. I generally only buy those items so I stand in a quiet aisle and count all of my items to make sure I have groups of 10. If I pick up something that isn't part of the Mega sale I either make a note on my list, or I try to put it somewhere else in the cart so that I don't confuse myself. I do probably still miss some great deals - and sometimes they don't have everything in stock (they were out of Krusteaz pancake mix today) so I try to have alternates lined up. I hope that is what you were asking about, otherwise I just gave you a really long response that didn't answer your question.