Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #16 - Buy Generic Holiday & Seasonal Items

Buy Generic Holiday and Seasonal Items

My All Occasion Gift Bags

If you read tip #15, you may think I am referring to store brand items again. That is not at all what I mean.

What I mean is buying items that can work for more than one occasion. This can mean buying things like wrapping paper and gift bags in solid colors or patterns that can work for more than just birthdays or showers. Buying decorations that can extend past the holiday and represent the season, like pumpkins and fallen leaves in the fall, and snowmen in the winter as opposed to more specific Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations like black cats, turkeys and Santa Claus.

You can even use this idea for party or shower decorations. Instead of buying everything within a theme, focus on a color that coordinates with it and just get a few of the themed items - or better yet use what you have available. Items like teddy bears, trucks, trains, dolls, books, or blocks for a baby shower or candles and flowers for a bridal shower. Let the food be part of the decorations. Curly lettuce can make a plain serving platter look more colorful and attractive.

You may even want to look for notecards that you can add to a gift instead of buying a specific card. You can also use these for thank you notes, or just a note to let someone know you are thinking about them.

When you have generic items available it can save you money and a trip to the store.

Do you have any ways that you use generic themed items?


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