Thursday, January 31, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #31 - Kids Eat Free

Kid's Eat Free

If you have little ones like me, buying multiple kid's meals, or even one adult entree to split between multiple children can really make a dinner out become even more costly. That is why we have become very familiar with restaurants near us that have special nights where kid's can eat for free.

Just like any promotion there are different rules at each restaurant. There can be age restrictions, such as kid's under 10 or 12. There can be a limit to how many free meals you can get - some are one per adult entree purchased, some are two per adult entrees, some are a limit to how many you can get per check. Of course the free meal also must come from the kid's menu, but some places don't include a drink when it is kid's dine free night. It is also usually only valid for dining in purchases, and during certain hours.

There is a card that you can purchase for the Richmond area that allows you to get one free kid's meal per card, with the purchase of an adult entree. You can purchase it on-line from We actually won a card from the $10 school supply challenge this past summer and found we used it enough to purchase one when it expired. We only get one free meal at the participating restaurants because of the card, but that can still be a savings.

Being able to enjoy a dinner out as a family for less is always nice, but please remember to tip your server based on what your bill would have been if you had paid for the kid's meals. They still had to do the work to take your order and make sure it was prepared the correct way, and make sure that you had plenty of ketchup and napkins to go along with your free kid's meals.

Do you take advantage of kid's eat free nights? Have you purchased or used the kid's dine free card?

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