Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm back for 2013

I took a bit of a hiatus the last few months.  It has been a time of refocusing for our family.  We have had several changes.  

The biggest change has probably been that after being actively involved with several different areas in our church we felt God telling us it was time for us to step away.   We listened, although questioning, and have found new friends for all of us and a new body of believers that we enjoy getting to know better and worshipping with on Sunday mornings and during the week.

We have been able to continue to build relationships with other families in our neighborhood.  We have had several get-togethers with other families of preschoolers. On Halloween we set up a Halloween Hangout for all of our neighbors in our driveway.  We had a wheel for the kids to spin for prizes, along with hot dogs, chips, and lots of sweets.  

I have also changed where I am grocery shopping.  I was becoming more and more frustrated when I shopped at MARTIN'S and was going to start shopping at Kroger when a new independent grocery store opened near us - Libbie Market at Ridgefield.  It is owned by former Ukrop's employees and a majority of the staff are former Ukrop's employees.  The prices are also fairly reasonable.

So, I have decided to revive my blog for 2013 with a different concept.  I am going to have a post everyday (or at least try to).  I hope to have a daily post about a frugal living tip.  It may be how to save money, ways to make do with what you have, or new ways to get discounts.  These may not be all new tips to you, but hopefully what seems like an everyday thing to you will really help someone else.

I look forward to sharing these tips with you and having you, my readers, share feedback about the tips and any tips that you have for saving money, time, or just your sanity.



Angela in VA said...

I live by the original Libby Market and always thought it was an overpriced "boutique" market. I love Martins for produce but would never consider them a good place to shop frugally. I'm intrigued that you are shopping there and not Kroger or even cheaper Walmart. Did you not have good luck at other stores?

Ann said...

The original Libbie Market (aka the former Joe's Market) has always been a more upscale store with speciality cuts and meats not found in a "traditional" grocery store. I honestly haven't been there since it was Joe's.

The Libbie Market on Ridgefield is in a former Food Lion. It is much larger and carries everyday items. The produce is great, the meats are wonderful, and more importantly it is an independently owned local business.

I was a Ukrop's associate and loyal Ukrop's shopper. I never really shopped at Kroger on a regular basis, but do go there during their mega sales. I avoid Walmart at all costs. You will find me in Target, but I haven't embraced their grocery section.

I believe that when you shop sales,use coupons, and know what is a good price on items that you use and buy, you can save money wherever you shop.