Thursday, January 3, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #3 -Take Exit Surveys

Take exit surveys
I know you have seen them - the survey to call or go on-line at the bottom of your receipt when you make a purchase.  It usually only takes a few minutes to answer the questions about your experience and it can be a great savings.  I know that I have seen these at stores and restaurants.
Some surveys put you in a random drawing for a monthly prize like at Target and JCPenney. I honestly haven't won anything when I take the time to answer the survey, but it does help to give them feedback to improve future shopping experiences.
I personally like the surveys that offer you a savings on your next visit.  It can be a free appetizer at a restaurant or a dollar savings on your next store purchase.  I got a survey on my receipt when I shopped at Bath & Body Works on Black Friday.  When I completed it it gave me a code that was good for $10 off a $30 purchase.  I combined it with their after Christmas sale and got a great assortment for $20 instead of $30 (that would have been ~$80 if I paid the sticker price!).  They will make great items to add to a goodie bag or year-end teacher gift.
Have you gotten any great perks from filling out an exit survey?


Miriam said...

We got a code for a free appetizer at Chili's one time for filling out the survey... only problem was, when we went to use it, the waitress came back and said "um, this code is for Chili's, we're Applebees". :) LOL!

One tip I would add to this would be to make sure you use a junk-mail email address as sometimes filling out these surveys results in getting junk email. Just remember to check it in case they send you something legit!

Ann said...

Ha-ha Miriam!

That is a good tip about using a second e-mail to avoid getting spam. Thanks for sharing. :)