Friday, January 25, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #25 - Finding Your Own Coupons

Finding Your Own Coupons

I have mentioned in a previous post about finding deals through blogs, deal sites, and in another post about subscribing to The Grocery Game. But, what if you need to buy a certain item and you want to see if there is a coupon available? Do you have to look through all of your inserts and hope that you will stumble across a coupon for what you are looking for?

The answer is no, you can search a coupon database. There are lots of sites that have coupon databases available. You will find them on lots of blogs and on deal sites. I personally use the one on Hot Coupon World's site. It is one of the first ones I used and the one I have become most familiar with.

The way the databases work are really easy. You just enter a search term - the more generic sometimes the better - and it will tell you if a coupon is available, where to find it in an insert, magazine, or the link to a printable site, the value of the coupon, and the expiration date.

You can also use the database to find your own match-ups. For example, I do the majority of my weekly shopping at Libbie Market. Because they are a small independent grocery store, there isn't a blogger or deal site covering their deals. I just look at their store flyer on-line and look for any coupons that coincide with what is on sale.

Do you look for coupons in a coupon database? Which sites do you use?


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