Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #34 - Contacting Manufacturers Part 2

Contacting Manufacturers Part 2

I talked about contacting manufacturers in tip #26 to obtain coupons and free samples. Have you ever had an item that you like, break, and then you can't find replacement parts? Throw them away and buy a new one? Don't do that - contact the manufacturer.

I recently had two OXO plastic storage container bases break. I had had them for several years and knew that I had broken them. I had looked in several different stores for replacement containers (the special lid was still functional, and that is why I wanted to replace just the base). I finally sat down one day and searched the company's website looking for replacement parts. I couldn't find any. I picked up the phone and called the toll free number. I talked to a representative and explained what had happened and asked if I could purchase just the container base. I was told that they did not sell them as individual parts, but when I told her what sizes I needed, she offered to send them to me at no charge! I was beyond excited and I figured it saved me close to $20.

I have also found replacement parts for the kids' sippy cups, some I had to pay for, some I got for free. The point is that I saved an unnecessary piece of plastic from going in the trash, and I saved money by replacing a small part and not the entire item.

Have you ever contacted a manufacturer for replacement parts? I would love to hear your story.


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Miriam said...

When the "worm gear" broke on my Kitchen Aid mixer (not under extended warranty), I contacted the manufacture and they gave me the name of a local repair shop. The repair shop charged $50 to assess, and any parts/repair was above that. My husband was able to take the mixer apart to find what broke, I found the part online and my husband replaced it for all of ~$20. It works great and I figure it saved us at least $50.