Friday, February 8, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #39 - Host a Party

Host a Party

You are probably wondering where I am going with this. I am referring to hosting a direct sales party. There are an assortment of companies that sell jewelry, kitchen products, bags, organizational items, or food storage. I have hosted parties in the past for Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, and Premier Jewelry. The concept is you invite your friends over, a consultant from the company comes over and shows you and your friends some of the products and gives you a catalog to see other items.

The hostess can earn a lot of free products and additional discounts. The benefits vary with each company, and generally the higher your party sales are the more benefits you receive.

I know that a lot of people don't like to attend these types of parties because they feel pressured into buying something, or spending money that they shouldn't. I make it very clear to anyone who comes to one of these parties in my home, that they are under no pressure to buy anything. I never want anyone to think that I invited them over just to buy something. You also have an option to have a catalog only party. It can be really easy these days with catalogs available on-line and promoting it with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

I would suggest hosting a party if you see a catalog item that you like, but it falls out of your price range. I have been able to get several big ticket items at a 50-60% discount thanks to hosting these types of parties.

Have you ever hosted a direct sales party? Did you get items that you wanted for free or discounted? Do you have a favorite company that you like to order from?


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