Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #44 - On-line Shopping

On-line Shopping

Shopping on-line can save you money compared to shopping in a store. This can be because of the ability of the on-line retailer to purchase in bulk, and not having to operate stores. Just like so many things there are pros and cons to on-line shopping.


  • It can be less expensive
  • More selection
  • You don't have to go to multiple stores looking for an item or to compare prices
  • You can also get a gift sent directly to someone for a wedding, new baby, birthday, or other special occasion
  • You can also get free shipping from some sites or free shipping if you pick it up from the actual store


  • You can't see the item in person
  • You have to wait to receive the item
  • You may have to pay for shipping
  • You have to leave information like an e-mail or telephone number in addition to your shipping address which may lead to future solicitations
  • For some people making an on-line payment can be an issue.

I like to try to support local businesses, but sometimes the deal at the on-line retailer are almost impossible to beat. It is also nice to not have to make an additional trip with kids in tow. How about you do you buy things on-line? Do you have a favorite place like amazon, or eBay that you buy from regularly? What kinds of items do you buy?


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