Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #45 - On-line Coupon Codes

On-line Coupon Codes

I mentioned in my post about prepaid phone cards that by purchasing them from an on-line site that I get them for less than the actual value. I also discussed the pros and cons to on-line shopping in the previous post.

If you have ever made a purchase on-line you have probably seen a box when you are entering info at check-out asking for a promo or discount code. It only takes a few minutes to look for the code and if you find one it can mean free shipping, an upgrade to a faster shipping option, or a discount on your total purchase. You can go to a few sites that provide a database for these codes such as or The other place to look is an Internet search engine. (This is a great way to try to get more Swagbucks!). You can just enter into the search engine "promo code", "coupon code", or "check out code" and the name of the retailer you are shopping with.

Do you try to look for an on-line code when you are shopping on-line? Do you have other sites that you like to search for check out codes to save on on-line purchases?

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