Sunday, February 10, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #41 - Warehouse Membership

Warehouse Membership

I know that there is a big divide among people who feel that warehouse memberships are or aren't worth the cost of the membership.

I feel that they can be, but like I have mentioned other times, it is important to know the prices for the items that you buy. I have found that I can find items like ground beef and chicken breast on sale at the grocery store for less than the everyday warehouse price. But, if I need a large quantity for a special event and there isn't a sale it is less expensive to buy it at the warehouse. I have found that I can get the best prices on organic milk and Greek yogurt at Costco. I get baking supplies from there along with items like nuts and dried fruit.

There are lots of items available at warehouse stores outside of huge packages of food and gallons of laundry detergent. I personally have found great deals on clothes for my family at Costco. They also have great deals on small appliances. I got a new crockpot for Christmas from there that was comparable to the ones I was looking at in other stores, and less expensive. My siblings and I went in on a Keurig for my dad for Christmas. We shopped around and found the features that my dad wanted along with the best price to be the one sold in Costco.

One of my favorite things to pickup in warehouse stores are gift cards. We have found gift cards worth $100 for only $80 to restaurants such as Ruth's Chris Steak House or Old Original Bookbinders. I have snagged those when I knew we would be having a big date and started our big night out with a 20% savings. They also have iTunes gift cards, movie tickets, and amusement parks.

Do you have a warehouse membership? Do you use it to buy groceries and household items, or do you buy other items?

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