Monday, February 11, 2013

Frugal Living Tip #42 - Credit Card Rebates

Credit Card Rebates

If you are a Dave Ramsey fan you probably think that I am crazy suggesting a credit card. I am not encouraging you to go out and open up new credit card accounts. I also want you to understand that in order to receive the rebates that I am going to be talking about you need to pay your bill in full each month.

We have two credit cards that we routinely use - an American Express from Costco and a Visa from Old Navy. We primarily use the American Express because we get a rebate check once a year that pays us back a percentage of what we purchased with the card, both at Costco and outside of Costco. We have the Old Navy Visa to use with merchants that don't accept American Express. I get vouchers to use at Old Navy based on the dollar amount charged to the card.

We were recently invited to a dinner for a local charity. I realized when we were getting ready that I was all out of checks, and thought we would have to make a pledge and mail the check later. When we got there we realized that they accepted donations with credit cards. We made a donation with the Old Navy card to help out a local charity, and received a store credit to use for Christmas presents.

Do you use a credit card that you pay in full every month in order to receive a rebate?

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