Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday = Deal Day!!!

I went to Ukrop’s this morning to check out if the value-packs of chicken that are on sale for $1.88/lb were also 50% off today for the Friday one day deal.  Unfortunately they weren’t.  I was walking out of the store when one of the customer service reps told me to go check out the baby aisle because it had just been marked down.  That led me on a fun scavenger hunt of markdowns throughout the store.  I spent $34.59 (before tax) and saved $90.20!

We really didn’t need many groceries this week and my household supplies were starting to get low so when I saw the deals at Kroger this week for things like Lysol cleaners and Hefty zip-top bags I had to go.  While we were in the store Natalie saw the Dan-o-nino yogurt and wanted me to pick her up some.  I told her that I didn’t bring any coupons for it and that I would get her some later.  Well, at the check-out I got a coupon for $1 off Dan-o-nini yogurt so we went back and picked that up.  My total Kroger trip was $19.25 (before tax) and I saved $64.87!

I also hit Walgreens today.  I had to ring up my purchases in several transactions because of Register Rewards (RR).  While I was in the store I noticed a package of Pampers Swaddlers size 1 on clearance for $2.74!  I didn’t have any of my extra coupons with me, but I thought this was such a great deal that I ran home to get my $2 off Pampers coupon from the 3/14 RP insert so that I could get a pack of diapers for $0.74 (before tax).  Overall I spent $0.36 (before tax) at Walgreens today.  I started off with $10 in RR to use.  I ran into a problem with a $3 RR that was suppose to print.  The machine jammed when it was printing.  The cashier realized it and called over the manager.  Instead of re-ringing and voiding the transaction like I have seen them do in the past he just offered to give me a $3 refund.  The way he rang it in it actually gave me $3.15 back.  He apologized for the problem.  I was more than happy to have real cash as opposed to a RR I have to remember to use in the next two weeks.  I left with $8 in RR for future purchases.

Here is a picture of my Friday deals (along with my couponers in training):



Avent 2-pk 9oz Trainer Cups (not pictured): $1.94

Jillian Michaels DVD : $3.74

Windsor Pilates DVD: $3.74

Prenatal Yoga DVD: $4.99

Facts of The Bible Book for Kids: $3.49

(2) Binky pacifier twin packs: $0.99 each

(4) Johnson & Johnson Nursing Pads (36 ct): $1.17 each

Security Lined Envelopes (55 ct): $0.59

(5) Scotch-Brite Nail Saver Sponges: $0.49 each

Top Care Cetirizine (Generic Zyrtec) (30 ct): $6.99

Shelf Price (Before Sales or Tax):  $124.79

Final Price (After Sales, Before Tax): $34.59

Total Savings: $90.20 (72%)


Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner: $0.99

Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner: $0.99

Strawberries: $1.88

(4) Dial Hand Soap: $0.30 each

(6) Kraft Cheese Shreds & Blocks: $0.49 each

(2) Sargento Shredded Cheese: $0.49 each

(1) Dawn Dish Detergent: $0.99

(8) Hefty zip-top bags: $1.00 each

(2) Coke product 2-Liters: $0.69 each

Dan-o-nino Yogurt: $1.00

Reusable Bag Credit: (-$0.10)

Shelf Price (Before Sales, Coupons, Bag Credit, or Tax): $84.12

Final Price (After Sales, Coupons, Bag Credits, Before Tax): $19.25

Total Savings: $64.87 (77%)


(2) Planters Trail Mix: FREE

(4) Cadbury Eggs: $0.39 each

(2) Band-Aids 30 ct: $2.00 each

Neosporin: $2.00

Colgate Toothpaste: $3.24

Colgate Toothpaste: $1.49

Pampers Swaddlers (40 ct): $0.74

Redeemed $10 RR

Shelf Price: (Before Sales, Coupons, RR, or Tax): $42.96

Final Price: (After Sales, Coupons, RR, Before Tax): $3.51

Total Savings: $39.45 (92%)

Earned $8 RR

Did you find any great deals this week?


Miriam said...

Aww, I wish I was up to shopping/couponing, it looks like some really good deals at Kroger on stuff I need to stock up on! I never looked at the paper once. Oh well. The sales will come around again :)

Judi B said...

Thanks for posting about the chicken as that scratches Ukrops on the to do list for tonight and I can wait until tomorrow to do the grocery shopping. Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Miriam - yes the sales will cycle back again. You have more important things to think about right now - like getting to know that new baby. :)

Judi - glad I could help you minimize your Friday list. Happy shopping on Saturday!

Rebecca said...

I'm jealous about the DVDs!