Monday, March 1, 2010

Some potential good deals this week at Ukrop’s

I walked around the store briefly tonight after work and found a few items that could be a really good when combined with coupons on double coupon Wednesday.

  • Gold Medal Flour (5-lb bag).  It is normally $2.59 there is a $0.75 one 5-lb bag or larger coupon available at  If you use it on Wednesday you can get flour for $1.09.  That is almost less than a loaf of bread – and if you make it yourself it will taste better.  :)
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are normally $1.99 – combine it with the coupons I mentioned in this post and you can get a bag of Goldfish for $0.49.
  • Phillips Crab Cakes the 8-count minis or 2 count are on a multi-week sale for $5.98.  You can combine these sale with a $0.75 off Phillips Crab Cake coupon in the 2/28 SS to get them for $4.48.  These aren’t as good as fresh but from someone who grew up near the water and has had fresh crabmeat lots of times these are rather good – they don’t have lots of filler which is what I think makes a good crab cake. 

I also updated the coupon match-ups with a few more items that I was able to verify tonight and found out more info about the Choose Your Savings coupon.  I added it to the original posts to try to keep it all together.

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