Friday, March 5, 2010

Ukrop’s Pick 5 for $25 Meat Sale – Round 2

ukropslogoI found out on Monday when I was purchasing three packages of the ground round as part of the Pick 5 for $25 and the Monday only deal that I got an awesome deal on the ground beef – if you need to refresh your memory or didn’t get a chance to check it out, here is the post. 

We were planning to go out of town Friday morning, so I told Steve I had to run to Ukrop’s this morning and pick up chicken breast before we could leave.  I ran to the store early this morning  to pick up the chicken and took a picture before we embarked on a road trip.  I will talk about how a road trip with a pregnant woman still experiencing nausea, a 4 year-old, and a 21 month-old went later.  :) 

I did even better than I thought I would at Ukrop’s this morning with the Friday only deal of half priced Perdue chicken breast and the Pick 5 for $25 Sale!



Here is the weight and final price I paid for each package:

Package #1 – 2.89 lb – FREE

Package #2 – 1.88 lb - $1.24

Package #3 – 1.72 lb - $1.57

Package #4 – 1.66 lb - $1.68

Package #5 – 1.80 lb - $1.40

Shelf Price (before sale and tax): $39.69

Final Price (after sale and before tax): $5.89

Total Savings = $33.80 (85%)

Here is how it worked out that I got package #1 for free and the rest for less than $1 per pound:

According to my receipt the original price for package # 1 was $11.53.  The register took off $6.53 to make the package $5 because of the 5 for $25 sale.  It then proceeded to attempt to take off 50% off the original price for the Friday one day deal ($5.76) - it actually only took off $5 because that was the dollar amount remaining on the package. The other packages because they were smaller had a smaller amount taken off for the 50% off – but I am not complaining about paying $5.89 for almost 10 lbs of chicken breast!


Kim said...

thanks for the tip! I socred 5 packages for $8.66. I wanted to go back but didn't make it. Thanks again!

Frugal Friend said...

I miss Ukrops! I used to go to the ones in Richmond and Williamsburg. You did wonderfully with your savings. I don't think I've done that well for boneless cb.

Noelle said...

Wow! Great Deal on that Chicken!
However, I am more impressed that a Pregnant woman experiencing naseau can buy chicken. I could not go near raw chicken with either of my pregnancies!