Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More rebate checks!!!!

I had a post a few weeks ago about several rebate checks I had received in the mail.  I had even more come in the mail since then and wanted to let you know how I have changed my opinion about the hassle of rebates not really being worth what you get back.

The best rebate I got back was our annual rebate from American Express for almost $600!  I know that there are lots of people out there who argue that credit cards are bad and that they allow you to overspend.  I see where they are coming from, but I truly believe we are in the minority who can really stick to a budget and handle paying for everything with our credit card.  We even go so far, because of the rebate, to pay for our monthly utility bills with our American Express.  There are some payees who don’t accept American Express so for them we just go through our regular bill pay software.  We have our American Express tied to our Costco membership and what really got us interested was two years ago when gas prices were at $4+ a gallon.  We get 2% back just by using the card for gas – something we are going to buy anyway.  The rebate works for items you purchase anywhere – not just Costco.  The nice thing about using the credit card (outside of my annual rebate for paying the balance in full every month) is that it gives us an itemized statement and we have buyer protection from using the card.  I see this as a double check on our spending and budgeting – we can look at our monthly statement from the bank and the American Express monthly statement and see where we spent our money during the month.  (The “catch” to this check is that it is only redeemable at Costco, but you can get cash back for the difference if you don’t spend the entire check in one transaction.)

I got the last of my SC Johnson $5 rebate checks for purchasing Glade candles in the fall.  The rebate is still active and there are lots of items that are eligible like Ziploc bags and candles, air fresheners, and cleaning products. 

I got a $5 rebate from Coors – no I didn’t get it for buying beer (we don’t drink alcoholic beverages).  My friend Judi found a tear pad for a rebate offer from Coors for buying gift cards – that was it.  I just had to submit a receipt showing I had bought a $25 gift card to anywhere or for anything like iTunes gift cards to be eligible for the rebate.  I am still waiting for the $10 rebate for buying $100 worth of gift cards.  These were all gift cards that I used for Christmas presents.  I told Judi thanks for the rebate forms – it was like she gave me $15!

I got a $10 rebate check from Philips for purchasing a Sonicare toothbrush for Steve for Christmas.  I found the toothbrush on sale at Walgreens and was able to combine a friends and family promotion to get it for $42.49.  I then was able to use this with a $10 manufacturer coupon from a Sunday paper insert combined with a Walgreens coupon for $10 off.  In the end I purchased the toothbrush which can run around $100 for $12.49  Not a bad deal and Steve has liked the toothbrush. 

I still have some additional rebate checks that I am waiting for and I will keep you posted as they come in.  I love getting paid to shop!

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