Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Rebate Checks!!!!

I recently received three more rebate checks in the mail.  I wanted to give you an update on the ones I had received and how easy they have been to submit and even easier to cash!

I received a $10 rebate check from Coors.  My friend Judi had given me a rebate form that she found at Kroger for a $10 rebate for purchasing $100 or more in gift cards.  I had several receipts that were easy to find and submit from where I had purchased gift cards as Christmas presents.  I had already purchased the gift cards so getting a rebate was a little present for me.  Thanks Judi!!!!!

I received a $15 check from Olay for purchasing 3 body washes.  I actually came out ahead with this deal.  When I made the purchase there was a Register Rewards (RR) promo at Walgreens. I bought a Gillete Embrace Razor (which generated a $4 RR) for $8.99.  I had a coupon for $2 off the razor and another coupon for a free Olay body wash when you buy a Gillette Embrace Razor.  I ended up with 3 razors and 3 body washes for $20.97, I earned $12 in RR, and I got a $15 rebate check from Olay.  The way I see it I actually earned $6.03!

I also got a rebate check from Schick for purchasing a Schick Quattro Razor for Steve.  The rebate was good for the full purchase price up to $11.99.  I found the razor at Walgreens for $9.99 and it was generating a $4 RR.  I submitted my receipt showing the purchase price of $9.99.  I received a check for $9.99 in addition to the $4 RR I got when I purchased the razor.  I earned $13.99 just for buying Steve a razor!

I have really changed my attitude about rebates being too difficult and time consuming.  I have 3 checks totaling $34.99 to take to the bank.  I don’t think that is too bad for buying a few toiletry items and filling out a few forms.

How about you - have you been successful with submitting rebates?  Do you find them easy to submit and even more exciting when you get a check in the mail?

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rebecca said...

I hear you. I have 4 rebate checks, totaling $38.99, and $40 on the way. =)