Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu-planning Monday

I am going to attempt to get us started again on the “eat at home challenge” this week.  This really is a crazy week for us, I already have plans to go out to lunch twice this week and we are leaving to go out of town for a short trip Friday and coming home Saturday.  I am hoping that this will allow me to gradually easy into the process. 


Breakfast: Bagels & fruit

Lunch: Sandwiches, fruit, & carrot sticks (The girls get to eat their lunch with the sitter, I will eat mine on the way to work.)

Dinner: Ann – leftovers to take to work; Steve’s choice for the girls and himself. (I know he is going to have a long day at work so I don’t want to add the stress of getting dinner together for the girls on his own, and I don’t have enough time this morning to prep something for him.)


Breakfast: Yogurt & Granola

Lunch: Out

Dinner: Chili & Baked Potatoes


Breakfast: Cereal to-go

Lunch: Out

Dinner: Chicken Casserole and Veggies


Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Lunch Leftovers (from Tuesday & Wednesday)

Dinner: Dinner Leftovers (from Tuesday & Wednesday)


Breakfast: Cereal & Fruit

Lunch: On-the road

Dinner: On-the road


Breakfast: On-the road

Lunch: On-the-road

Dinner: Delivery, On-the-road, or freezer meal


Breakfast: Cereal to-go

Lunch: Spaghetti and Salad

Dinner: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

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