Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to school shopping

I have an Old Navy credit card that gives me benefits and extra savings in the store. They are currently running their "Stuff The Bag" promotion. They send you a card to bring to the store and you get a free reusable bag to "stuff" and everything you buy during that transaction is 20% off (everything - including sale & clearance items). I also earn what are called "bucks back" after I spend a certain amount they will send me a coupon for at least $10 off my next purchase. I didn't realize that you aren't able to combine your bucks back with stuff the bag, but not to worry I had enough items that I just made it two separate transactions.

Natalie needed clothes. She has outgrown the things she wore last Spring and she is going to start preschool next week. Steve needed new khaki pants for work. I thought Megan and I deserved a few things also, so we tried or luck and found some deals at Old Navy. We were able to get even better deals with "Stuff the Bag" and my "bucks back".

Prices are after discounts and before tax:

5 pairs of khaki pants - $12 each
v-neck sweater - $16 (splurge for me)
fleece lounge pants - $8
2- layering tanks -$4.80 each
Halloween t-shirt - $4
7 - long sleeve t-shirts (5 for Natalie & 2 for Megan) - $4 each
2- short sleeve hoodies (1 for each girl) - $3.59 each
2 - ruffled wrap dresses (1 for each girl) - $5.59
2 - striped dresses (1 for each girl) - $5.99 each
3 - short sleeved henley shirts(for Natalie) - $3.59 each
8 - pairs of long "soft"pants (7 for Natalie & 1 for Megan) - $4 each
2- 2-in-1 long sleeved t-shirts (1 for each girl) - $4 each
2- placemats (to play with play-dough) - $3.60 each

Price before sales & coupons = $314.37
Total spent = $197.30
Total savings = $117.07 (38%)

There is also a pair of jeans in the picture that I got from Kohl's. Today was the last day to use my Kohl's cash I had earned a few weeks ago. I had $10 in Kohl's cash and found a pair of jeans on the clearance rack that had been $60 marked down to $12. I ended up walking out of Kohl's with the pair of jeans for just $2 (plus 0.10 tax). I saved $58 off of the original price for a savings of 97%!!!!

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