Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's add more chaos to my crazy world

I have posted a few pictures below of what is going on in our backyard this week. When we bought our house 2 years ago it had a storm drain in the backyard. We were told by our realtor that the previous owners had looked into getting it covered, but they decided to just lower the price and let the new owners (us) take care of it. We were finally able to find someone who was able to work with us and Henrico county to get it fixed. Thankfully the price tag for the fix was about a third of the price the previous owners quoted us.

I have pictures somewhere of what it looked like before, I think Steve must have them on a different memory chip or saved to his computer. It was an eyesore so we never really took pictures out there.

They started demo on Tuesday morning, they removed all of the brush and plants that lined the drainage ditch (the previous owners had a small bridge over it and made it look like a stream.) They also started tearing out the concrete that lined the ditch. On Wednesday they did more demo and started to prepare the trench they dug with gravel so that they could start laying pipe. This morning they have started laying the pipe and they are hoping to have it completed today.

The trench filled with gravel ready for pipe to be laid. (I took the picture off of the few boards we have remaining on the deck)

Laying the first piece of pipe.

We decided to start demolishing the deck. We are hoping to get rid of some of the slope in the backyard, so by getting rid of the deck they can fix the entire back yard. I want to build a patio. Steve thinks he wants to keep a deck. We have to decide on something soon.

The trash pile, the gravel that got brought in, and the pipe (there are a total of four pieces being installed) that will go in the trench.

What the neighbors see when they drive by. We have had lots of neighbors stop to watch the guys work and ask them what they are doing. The construction vehicles are also preventing me from getting in and out of the garage so I am having to park on the street and go through my front door. I will be happy to have my garage back.