Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A day off

When I worked full-time as a pharmacist I used to dread going back to work the day after a holiday. That day was always a horrible day because even though people knew that the pharmacy was going to be closed for the day, somehow they didn't think far enough ahead to realize that their pills were not going to magically multiply in their prescription bottle and they always ran out on the holiday. They then proceed to arrive at the pharmacy first thing in the morning the day after the holiday so they can complain about running out of their medication. I would usually hear some sort of remark like, "I need to wait for this. That is one of my heart medicines and I didn't have any to take yesterday or today." I, of course, with a concerned look on my face would say something like, "Oh no. Well, I have several people ahead of you so it is going to be about 20-30 minutes before it is ready." I would then go to refill the prescription and realize that if they really were taking it like they were suppose to they would have needed a refill last week. I always called those days Monday & Tuesday rolled into one.

In my stay-at-home mom world I don't dread the day after a holiday. But, I have realized that I am still playing catch-up for having a "day off" yesterday. I obviously was still a wife & mom, but it always feels like a vacation day whenever Steve has the day off also. Whenever Steve has a day off it is amazing how much smoother the day seems. Yesterday we were able to run some errands and get some things that we needed (see my Old Navy haul 2 posts before this one). But, because we were out of the house, things at the house that normally get done on Monday didn't get done. So, here I am trying to finish two days of chores in one day.

Thankfully it is not as stressful at home. I got to finish my morning coffee, hear my girls giggle while we were playing this morning, and eat lunch with them. Those are great benefits and a reason I am happy to not be working in a pharmacy today, the day after a holiday.

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