Monday, September 28, 2009

More progress in the backyard

It has been really neat and exciting to watch the progress on the backyard. I feel like I am in my own episode of an HGTV show. Today before they got started they had to pump out the remaining water from the rain last week and Saturday. Then they finished building the forms around the pipe. This afternoon the cement truck came in and they poured the cement. I was shocked when I looked outside late this afternoon and saw the majority of the pipe covered with gravel and sand. We were actually able to walk across our backyard without going over a bridge! The trench with the pipe installed is now covered!
The shrubs and plants that are going to get taken out tomorrow. Our property line ends right about where you see our neighbor's shed. The trees are going to stay.

More plants and planters that are going to get removed tomorrow.

A view from the street - the white fence is our neighbors yard. Everything to the left of the fence (except the tree) is going to get taken out.

The county wouldn't allow us to completely cover the drainage ditch. We had to leave a 6 foot area. The drain area where Steve and the girls are standing will remain. The plants are going tomorrow.

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