Friday, September 25, 2009

What happened in the backyard on Thursday

I took these pictures this afternoon. The guys came to the house this morning and realized they were not going to be doing any work today. We had a storm last night and all of the water from the neighborhood seemed to have drained in our backyard. They have a temporary dam there - I don't really know why. The guy working on the project told me to check it again on Sunday morning to make sure it is still in place because it is suppose to rain really heavy again Saturday night.

The standing water that kept them from pouring cement today.

All of the pipe - it isn't finished. They still need to seal the joints.

The deck got demolished - the only thing left is the few steps that led to the deck. Steve ran out of light to finish taking them out. Don't worry we set the dead bolt lock on the main door and the storm door so no one will forget and walk out the door.

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