Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Biggest Savings To Date

I went to my normal Ukrop's yesterday afternoon and they didn't have any of the Chinet plates on the shelf that are on sale and that I have coupons for. I was trying to referee the girls and get out of the store so I didn't ask if they had anymore in the back. I knew that we were going to be near another Ukrop's while we were at church last night and brought my coupons with me to see if we could swing by there on our way home. I went to the store (I walked in at ~9:45 and they close at 10) and saw a display of the plates on an endcap. I didn't want to take all they had and ran into a manager who use to work at my store and started talking to him. He was making fun of my plates asking me what type of party I was having, and then showed me that he had more on the shelf with the other paper plates. I was able to get 18 packs of plates and use up the rest of my coupons. I also spotted two 6-packs of kaiser sandwich rolls marked down on thrift. They are on sale this week for 0.99 each and with the thrift markdown I got them for 0.66 each. I went up to the check-out with my 18 packs of plates and 2 packages of rolls and walked out paying $3.15 (that is including tax)! My subtotal was $1.32 and I paid $1.83 in tax.

My savings on this trip = $73.88 (98%)

Sorry I didn't take a picture, it was late when we got home and I just wanted to get everything put away and everyone to bed.

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Miriam said...

Yay :) Those kind of savings are always exciting!!