Monday, September 7, 2009


Bedtime is sometimes a struggle at our house. Natalie is not allowed to get out of her bed unless she asks to get up. She is only allowed out of bed to go to the bathroom. Sometimes she really does, sometimes she just walks in there and pretends. She will however call us to come into her room. We don't generally respond to her - she is the queen of stalling. There are times however when we will go in there to either explain to her that she needs to be quiet so she doesn't wake-up Megan, or to pick up a book that has fallen on the floor. She continued to call for Steve tonight, "Daddy, please come here." We were playing the ignore game which works most of the time. Tonight though, we got a good laugh out of her bedtime stall game. She had called out "Daddy" several times and Steve would respond with "Just a minute Natalie and I'll be there." Finally after a few minutes of silence from her room she yells "Daddy, please come here. I am being sooo patient." Evidently we need to have some more conversations about what patience is.