Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coupon Match-ups and Ideas for Double Coupon Wednesday at Ukrop's

I really don't have a huge shopping list this week. I am still trying to use up some of my stock pile and we are not going to be home for dinner a couple of nights this week.

Here are a few of the match-ups or deals that I am going to try to pick-up this week. You can view the ad on-line in addition to finding some printable coupons at www.ukrops.com.

**Ukrop's doubles manufacturer coupons up to 0.99 on Wednesday only. They will not double more than 5 like coupons per transaction.**

Snack Size/Fun Size Candy: Hershey, Nestle, Tootsie and Mars 7-16oz. 2/$4 with Savings Spot Coupon (Limit 6) - B3G1 Free (buy any 3 Hershey's Reese's or Kit Kat Snack Size Bags - maximum value $3 (10/18 SS) Final Price = $6 for 4 bags of candy or $1.25 per bag

Swanson Broths (14-14.5 oz) 2/$1 - 0.40/3 (9/27 SS) Final Price = 0.70 for 3 cans or 0.23 a can

Freschetta Pizzas (18.5-25.12 oz) - no price listed but save up to $3 - $1 on any Freschetta Naturally Rising PizzAmore Original Crust, PizzAmore Fire Bakes, Brick Oven or Flatbread Pizza (9/13 SS)

Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits (20.8-31.8oz) $2.99 - 0.75/2 Frozen Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, or Mini Cinnamon Rolls (10/4 SS) Final Price = $4.48 for 2 packages or $2.24 each

Dannon Yogurt (6oz) 10/$5 - $1/10 6 oz Single-Serve Cups (9/27 SS) Final Price = $4 for 10 single serve cups or 0.40 each

**There is a Proctor & Gamble Promotion this week: Buy 4 participating P&G products and get $5 off your total order (valid through 10/24/09 - all purchases must be made in a single transaction. Shopping Basket must be $5 more than the total price of participating products)

Here is my plan for the promotion:

Transaction 1:
(2) Dawn Direct Foam $2.69 each (-0.50 coupon x2) (9/27 P&G) (-0.50 doubled x2) = $3.38
(2) Pampers Jumbo Diapers $8.99 each (-1.50 coupon x2) (back of Cheerios box)= $14.98
Total = $18.36
P&G Promo (-5)
Final Price = $13.36

Transaction 2:
(3) Dawn Direct Foam $2.69 each (-0.50 x3) (9/27 P&G) (-0.50 doubled x3) = $5.07
(1) Charmin Big Roll or Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue (12-Big or 6 Mega Rolls) $7.39 - $1 (P&G Savings Booklet) = $6.39
Total = $11.46
P&G Promo (-5)
Final Price = $6.46

There are lots of other options for the sale. I thankfully don't need Prilosec, but that could be a good deal if you have the $3 off coupons from the 9/27 P&G insert.

I also found some coupons that were under 0.99 that I may check out the price to see if I can get a good deal or not. I found a 0.85/1 VIVA Towels Big Roll Package (10/11 SS) - 0.85 doubled means $1.70 off. There were also more Maruchan 0.50/1 coupons (10/18 SS), I got them for 0.09 last week. They went over well with my crew while I was at work this past weekend.

Please feel free to share any ideas or deals that you are planning on getting (or got).

Happy Shopping!

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kmul2 said...

How did it go for you? I ended up saving around $11 in coupons today. No real steals other than the noodles again and the tic tac chills came to 9 cents after coupons. I also did the candy deal.-Kathryn