Friday, October 2, 2009

Shopping this week (so far) - Walgreens

This is a picture of what I got from Walgreens this week. They had lots of FARR (Free after Register Rewards) items. I was able to make some deals even better by combining coupons with Register Rewards. Not included in the picture are the four additional Times-Dispatch papers I bought when I went in there Sunday afternoon to get my first round of items. I also already gave Steve some of the Hall's drops and Robitussin To-Go to keep at work. I ended up getting all of the Halloween pencils as filler items. I will hand them out to the kids who come to our house trick-or-treating. Don't worry I'll get some candy to go with them. :)

Here is what I got:

(4) Richmond Times-Dispatch Papers $2 each
(5) Gillette Fusion MVP Razors - $4.99 each (earned $6 RR on each purchase)
(1) Gillette Fusion MVP Razor - $6.99 (earned $6 RR on purchase)
(4) Herbal Essences Hair Products - $1.99 each (earned $2 RR on each purchase)
(4) Chapstick - $2.99 each (earned $3 RR on each purchase)
(3) Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotions - $6.99 each (earned $7 RR on each purchase)
(1) Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion - $5.74 (earned $7 RR on purchase)
(4) Robitussin DM To Go - $1.49 each (earned $2.5o RR on each purchase)
(1) Robitussin DM To Go - $2.49 (earned $2.50 RR on purchase)
(2) Dentek Floss - $2 each (earned $2 RR on each purchase)
(5) Halls Refresh Drops - $0.25 each (earned $1 RR on each purchase)
(28) Halloween Pencils - $0.25 each

Shelf Price (before tax): $162.97
Final Price (before tax): $24.28 (not bad when I spent $8 on newspapers & $7 on pencils)
Total Savings = $138.69 (85%)

I rolled some of my RR into the individual transactions. I still have $38 remaining in RR that I can roll into additional transactions or save for more deals next week.


Miriam said...

Ok! So I totally misunderstood RR's. Somehow I thought it would only spit out an RR for the first item. Do you have to buy the items in separate transactions, or if you buy 6 razors in one, will it spit out 6 RR's? I need to go read some Walgreens 101 I guess :P You did really great! Now I wish I'd done those deals this week... I still have today, I'll have to think about it :P

Ann said...

I did have to buy the multiple RR items in seperate transactions. I was fortunate to have a nice cashier that was willing to let me check out that way. I like to go to the cosmetics counter because it is not as busy over there. I also let people go between my transactions if they get in line. The other trick with RR is that if you use a RR from the same manufacturer or on your next purchase of that same item you won't get your next RR. For example the Herbal Essences and the Gillette Fusion MVP are both by Proctor & Gamble so you can buy them at the same time (and earn 2 different RR), you just can't use your RR from Herbal Essences to pay for the razor and earn a new RR on the razor. I hope that makes sense.

Some other quick info- the reason I had to buy the pencils is because Walgreens won't allow more coupons than items purchased. They consider RR a manufacturer coupon, so if I am buying 3 items and have a mq for each item and then want to roll my RR I have to get a few cheap filler items. The other thing is that you can't use RR to pay for your sales tax so it won't accept the RR if your subtotal is less than the RR amount.