Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Rolling" my Register Rewards

Register Rewards are great, as long as you can use all of them before they expire. They are only good for 2 weeks after they are issued. I used some of them Sunday night by purchasing my additional newspapers, a birthday card, and the spaghetti sauce. Tuesday I realized I still had a decent amount I needed to roll before they expired - on Wednesday. So I sat down with the ad in hand, and read some post on-line at Hot Coupon World, and came up with a game plan.

Here is the breakdown on my purchases:
(8) Jars of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce -$1.295 each (earned $8 RR)
Hallmark Card - $0.99 (not pictured)
(2) Sunday Newspapers - $2 each (not pictured)
(3) Vaseline Lotions - $6.99 each (earned $7 RR on each)
(2) Nivea for Men Aftershave Balm - $3.50 each (earned $4 RR)
(3) Chapstick - $2.99 each (earned $3 RR on each)
(2) Dentek Floss - $1 each (earned $2 RR on each = Money Maker)
(1) Halls Refresh Drops - $0.50 (earned $1 RR = Money Maker)
(4) small bags of M&Ms - $0.49 each (filler item) (one got eaten already)
(24) plastic dessert cups - $0.19 each (filler item - I am going to use them for a program at church)
(3) Sippy Cups - $0.74 each (on clearance - we always seem to be missing cups these days)
Shelf Price (before sales, coupons, and tax): $85.57
Final Price (after sales, coupons, before tax): $9.04
Total Savings: $76.53 (89%)
FYI - there are several tips you need to understand in order to maximize your RR with Walgreens.
  • You cannot have more coupons (RR count as a coupon) than you have items in your transaction. That is why I always end up with "filler items". I also found out that if you have a coupon for $$/2 that coupon ties to both items for your coupon to item count.
  • You cannot get multiple RR for the same item in the same transaction. You need to buy them in separate transactions.
  • You cannot get a new RR by paying for the second item with the RR from the first transaction - ex. You can't buy a second Vaseline lotion with the RR from the first Vaseline lotion.
  • You generally cannot get a new RR if you are buying a product from the same company as your first RR - ex. I can't use a RR from a previous purchase of a Proctor & Gamble product on a new P&G product and get a new RR.

I know it sounds confusing, but once you start to figure it out you just learn how to work around it.

Feel free to ask me if you have any RR questions - if I can't answer it I can try to point you in the right direction. :)


Miriam said...

Which store do you shop at? Last week I had some trouble with the RR machine not spitting out a RR when I'd used a reg. Q. Sarah Wahlquist pointed me to some info on and they said some store's RR machines have been reprogrammed to not spit out a RR if you use a Q. Doesnt' make sense. I got 2 (50ct) Huggies + a $.50 filler item for $5.XX, earned $4 RR :) Not sure if I like Wags yet, but I'm giving it a shot. My problem this week was my RR was from Unilever and all the Free/MM stuff was from Unilever, too :P I'm sure I'll use the diapers and be very glad to have them!!!

Ann said...

I think you can roll some Unilever into other Unilever - I didn't think about Ragu being Unilever and rolled a Vaseline RR (also Unilever) towards that purchase. It didn't occur to me until I read someone post about it on HCW. I'll send you a link from HCW that shows the monthly RR items. I don't like that the RR are only good for 14 days - it puts me in a crunch if they don't have a good ad one week.