Friday, October 2, 2009

More backyard progress

The transformation is almost complete! We are going to get sod installed soon so we will actually have grass. I asked Steve if thought he was going to need a riding lawn mower now that we had a big back yard. He said he thinks he can still handle it with a push mower.
They are still working to even out the backyard some, it will still have some slope, but not as drastic as it was.
The driveway is going to get gravel brought back in for now, until we can decide exactly what we want to do with it and how wide we need it to be. It is so much easier to get the car in the garage now with some of the slope evened out.

The view from the edge of the street. The yard looks huge without the overgrown beds and the drainage ditch.

A view looking towards the street - again it looks so big now that we don't have the overgrown flower beds.

One of the many loads of topsoil that have been brought in. I was told that we probably have about 300 tons of topsoil and 35-40 tons of gravel in the backyard now.


Miriam said...

It's looking nice!!

Bethany said...

Wow, Ann, this looks amazing! Huge difference!