Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ukrop's Double Coupons up to 0.99 Wednesday Plan for 10/14/09

I am late in sitting down to figure out my shopping plan for Ukrop's double coupons today. One of the reasons is my pantry is so full I was contemplating taking a week off, the other reason is I have been so consumed with my task of learning how to make and can applesauce that when I haven't been working on that, I have been cleaning up from it. :)

I did pull up the ad and found a few deals that I think I am going to try to run out and get today. By the way - I have to admit although we did get the satisfaction of picking our own apples and that allowed us to know that they hadn't been handled by that many other people and such - I paid $1.09/lb for pick your own apples (including golden delicious) and $1.19/lb for already picked red delicious apples. They are on sale for 0.99/lb at Ukrop's this week - and they are Virginia grown apples. I am trying to focus on the fact that we had a fun family day apple picking and that is priceless. :)

So, getting back on track here are some deals that I think I am going to hit today:

Just a side note - Ukrop's will double manufacturer coupons up to 0.99 on Wednesdays only. They will only double 5 like coupons per transaction. You can also get a 0.05 credit for each bag that you bring with you to bag your groceries in. Feel free to check out the weekly ad and find some printable coupons by going to their site -

  • Beef Tenderloin for $6.98/lb - and if you ring the bell at the meat department door they will cut it for you into steaks (however thin or thick as you'd like) at no additional charge.
  • I do not like canned tuna so I am not going to get it- but the Starkist cans are 10/$10 (you don't have to buy 10)
  • If you need frozen veggies - food club veggies are also 10/$10
  • Golden Delicious & Red Delicious apples - 0.99/lb (less expensive than an orchard)
  • Pillsbury Rolls & Biscuits - I am not sure exactly what is included in the sale but there are coupons for 0.40/2, 0.50/2 for canned biscuits and canned cinnamon rolls. You can also get some of these as printable coupons from
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers are 2/$5 - not the best deal, but I have a coupon for $1/2. I can also combine that with a coupon for a FREE Ritz crackerfull when I buy a box of Ritz crackers. So I will get 3 boxes of crackers for $4.
  • Smucker's Uncrustables are 2/$5 - there are 0.75/1 coupons - doubled today and that means a box of already made PB &J for $1! My 3&1/2 year old will be very excited.
  • I am thinking about picking up the Food Club Peanuts that are 20% off - I need peanuts for a church function in about 2 weeks. I do get an additional 10% off and tax exempt when I buy stuff from Ukrop's for my church.
  • Deer Park Bottled Water is 10/$10 for a 16.9oz 6-pack! There are also various coupons floating around for Deer Park Water from the 9/27 RP coupons and All You magazine.
  • (Selected) Little Debbie Snack cakes are 10/$10 - if included there are coupons for the chocolate cupcakes from 9/27 SS (including $1/1 from the October All You magazine - that would make it FREE!)
  • Hunt's Snack Pack pudding is 10/$10 - I have a coupon from the October All You magazine that is $1 off of 4 packs.
  • Swiss Miss Cocoa Packets are 10/$10. I couldn't find a coupon for it, but I may pick one up it is going to be cold this week.
  • Kraft Easy Mac is 10/$10. I found a tearpad with $1 off when you buy 5. I may or may not pick these up. I have gotten them for ~0.20 each before. But they are great to keep on hand or send to the sitter.
  • Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream cups are 10/$10. These are the small cups that come with a spoon attached under the cup. There is a printable coupon for $1/3. (edit: I just tried to print the coupon and I couldn't find it there anymore.) I took one of these little cups and divided it among all 4 of us the other night to put on top of fresh apple crisp for dessert.
  • Steaz Teas are a new product at Ukrop's and are on sale 10/$10. There may be coupons in a mambo sprouts coupon booklet but I haven't checked yet.
  • Don't forget that one of the Saturday specials is milk. The gallons are $2.49 for skim, 1%, or 2% and $2.59 for whole milk.

Added after original post:

I just got a tip from a new blog friend, Kathryn, - "Don't forget your coupon for Maruchan Yakisoba noodles (50 cents 8-23-09 SS). They will end up being 9 cents." I will try them for 9 cents - and if we don't like them I'll give them to college kids who will eat anything. :)

I also wanted to remind you that you can get some decent deals with the regular price and a good coupon - for example last week I got 2 Mahatma yellow rice packets that are are normally 0.99 each for 0.24 each after using a 0.75/2 coupon. This is another product I have never tried, but if we don't like it I will donate it.

Happy Shopping!

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kmul2 said...

Ann- I just got back from my Ukrop's (Harbour Point)and saved $15 in coupons. Don't forget your coupon for Maruchan Yakisoba noodles (50 cents 8-23-09 SS). They will end up being 9 cents. We have never had them but I thought it worth a try for that price. Let me know how your shopping trip goes! -Kathryn