Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Double Coupon Wednesday at Ukrop's

I had a few weak moments at Ukrop's today. I bought a few things without coupons?!?!?! We went to the store late in the afternoon (after naps) because we had a big morning on a field trip at the pumpkin patch. I'll talk about that and post pictures later. :) Natalie wanted to take her picture with the groceries because she wanted to show off her pumpkin t-shirt her teacher made for each student to wear today.

I did all of this in two transactions so that I could make sure I got both of the $5 off P&G Promos. Items in promo are marked with (*).

Transaction #1:
Charmin Toilet Paper (12 Big Rolls)* - 5.14
(1) Dawn Direct Foam* - 0.44
(2) Domino Sugar (5 lb) - 2.14 each
(4) Kit Kat Snack Bars - 1.18 each (the coupon came off as 3.29 instead of $2)
(4) Maruchan Noodles - 0.09 each
(2) Maxwell House Coffee - 1.50 each (I took them to church)
(2) Pampers Cruisers Jumbo Packs* - 6.24 each
Snapple (16 oz) - 0.19
(3) Swanson's Chicken Broth - 0.23 each
Woman's Day Magazine - 2.29 (I did have a 0.25 coupon that doubled)
(2) Coffeemate Creamer - 1.69 each
(10) Dannon Yogurt 6 oz cups - 0.40 each
Freschetta Frozen Pizza - 3.99
Joe's Market Roasted Garlic Hummus - 1.87
Stacy's Pita Chips - 3.59
Bag Credit - (-0.25)

Shelf Price (Before Sales, Coupons, and Tax): 98.72
Final Price (After Sales & Coupons, Before Tax): 50.17
Total Savings: $48.55 (49%)

Transaction 2:
(3) Dawn Direct Foam - 0.44
(1) Dawn Direct Foam - 1.44 (my coupon didn't come off?)
(3) Viva Big Rolls - 0.89 each
Apples - 3.81
Bananas - 0.88
Kaiser Rolls - 2.59
Tide Stain Release Coupon (-1.5) **I thought I bought a Tide Stain Release, when I got home I realized I didn't get charged for it, but that my coupon came off. I think that is why my other Dawn coupon didn't come off. I will go back tomorrow and pay for the Tide and try to get it all straight. The Tide is not included in my total outside of the coupon showing up on my receipt)

Shelf Price (Before Sales, Coupons, & Taxes): $27.49
Final Price (After Sales & Coupons, Before Taxes): $11.21
Total Savings: $16.28 (59%)

Totals for both transactions:
Shelf Price (Before Sales, Coupons, & Taxes): $126.21
Final Price (After Sales & Coupons, Before Taxes): $61.38
Total Savings: $64.83 (51%)

Not bad. I gave into some weak moments, the sandwich rolls to go with barbeque I had in the freezer, the hummus (that was on sale & thrift) & pita chips.

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